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Why is Tree Important

Why is Tree Important? A Tree Behind Your Tri Purchase

September 20, 2022 - Author : TRI Cycle

Have you questioned why we have to protect the Tree? Why is everyone worried about the haze of Kalimantan Forest that happened in 2015, and everyone is very concerned about reforestation?

Yes, the answer is that trees have enormous benefits and importance to our life. Nowadays, their values are more crucial and increasing due to the biodiversity on the Earth.

Here are 3 reasons why you have to protect the Tree:

Element of Earth

The Tree plays an essential role as a water cycle tool to collect, absorb, and transfer the rainwater into clean water and clear air as transpiration. Every day one Tree could release 200-450 gallons of clean water that are drinkable.

Furthermore, one Tree can provide oxygen for 4 people by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air through the photosynthesis process, lightening pollution.

Additionally, the Tree’s roots could transfer all the nutrition to the soil in numerous ways that increase the soil quality and nourish its texture.

This could prevent the potential of erosion and flood, which are caused by the lack of soil resistance and absorption of water pressure in the rainy season.


Living in an area full of Trees and more green space can increase your self-esteem and allergy reduction because it helps your body reduce stress hormones (IEEP, 2017).

If you are an urban person who has a hectic schedule, it is very recommended to visit some of the green space areas near you.

Additionally, Muir and Shepherd, 2012 discover that the areas with trees can boost your creativity in problem-solving in a natural setting.


Do you know that a tree is a home for all biodiversity on Earth? Yes, one branch can be home to dozens of species such as fungi, birds, insects, reptiles, worms, and other smaller plants.

The tree collection can create a beneficial environment that creates a complex ecosystem for all types of species.

That’s why it is crucial to protect the Tree, a place for the kinds of animals and plants that exist and depend on all tree components.

Here in Tri Upcycle, with every product sold, you help us protect our beloved Indonesian forest and restore our planet’s biodiversity. You will also fund our goal of running ethical production and supporting local artisans by giving them a better work environment. If you are interested in our product, you can check it out here.

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