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Harmony among people,  Harmony with nature, and  Harmony with God

We believe this philosophy is the foundation of happiness creation. Every principal should be balanced, aligned, and harmonised between one and another. We combine art with philanthropy as our action to create positive change for us, our community, and the environment around us.


Inspired by the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, we make branded merchandise from upcycled fabrics,
and we donate the profit to a grassroots organisation that protects the forest.

With this initiative, we promote fabric waste reduction and conscious consumption.

“Our dream is to work together with compelling individuals and other organisations in protecting Indonesia’s forest”


Starting with a Green School student and his father who has a desire to create a better change for Indonesia forest, which has now become a social enterprise that supports many local artisans in Bali.

Thanks to Ben & Tim Fijal, we can continue their mission and still do what we love to give back to Indonesia Forest. Starting with a handkerchief in 2016, we successfully expanded our product to various collections such as bandanas, facemasks, tote bags, hats, pillow covers, cutting boards, and cutlery sets.

Our ultimate goal is to run our production as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. By using upcycled material as our sole material, we want to trigger meaningful discussion around conscious consumption.



We are passionate about protecting Indonesia Forest and restoring the biodiversity of our planet.
We are proud that our brand creates a safe and unique place for you to join our mission.

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Together we stand for the forest!

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